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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Falling in Love with Jim Brickman: Love of my Life

Jim Brickman was always a favorite. The piano, the lyrics and the rest is considered history-in-the-making with his genius-of-a-composition that captures the hearts of many. One in particular is Love of My Life.

It was a copy of Jim Brickman’s concert where I first heard this song. This was one of those songs that would definitely find people falling in love all over again. There was such directness in complimenting the love and passion towards a certain person as manifested in the lyrics. The delivery of the song was also a plus factor with such vocals used fully to express the need to assure devotion. It was also the simplicity of the song that gave the magnetism to pull so many to give it praise.

It’s a perfect wedding song for those who wish to have a blissful ceremony. The softness of the singer’s intro and the rise of the tone as it enters the chorus gave the gusto that find people sighing with contentment to the whole song showing off power rather than the annoying show-off high pitching that that is usually done in other songs (which is usually accompanied by the falsetto).

The totality of a Jim Brickman can really make anyone fall in love all over again. This song brings more than just the usual gusto but the emotions needed to feel the passion in admiring and loving someone.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music Recommends: Need to be Next To You by Leigh Nash

There will be a time, especially in girl’s life, that when it comes to entering a relationship self denial is definitely present. For the 2000 film Bounce, Leigh Nash of Sixpense none the richer sang the theme song Need to be next to you.

Perfect for the mending hearts and those that wishes to love again (and also for those who can’t seem to get over past loves that hinders their bloom for another—geez!!!) Leigh Nash’s song, plus the movie, is a good treat.

It may be last 2000 yet this feel good music which incorporates good lyrics and melody still can get that heart beat racing for romance. We have all given ourselves the denial to get into that loving feeling. At times past experiences in family or former flings get us into thinking that enough is enough yet let’s face it: this song can definitely change a person’s mind.

A good song is usually composed of truth: this song is what I would say a wake up for those who have locked themselves from reality (and that include me) that there is still something better than the past. A background check on every person always has this experience and everyone who has gone through it and passed with flying colors will surely agree that denying oneself the right to be happy with the person who has made them grow.

The song was composed by American songwriter, Dianne Warrem, for Leigh Nash’s debut single. It was recorded while Leigh was still in the mainstream of her band Sixpense None the Richer whose popular songs include Kiss Me and She’s All That. The song was included in the soundtrack of Don Roos’ 2000 film Bounce which fits perfectly well to the story.

It talks about giving oneself a chance to love again, to feel alive, and to be real. And even if you really can’t relate to it, the feel-good beat of the music is something worth listening to anyway. There’s no denying that it is a people finder—searching for those who have lost their courage on loving and risking.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FM Static: The New Age of Pop Rock

Unlike those from the past, who donned themselves on sex, alcohol and drugs (and probably criminal records that can sum these things up), today’s rock bands seem to take on a different stroll, and role, in today’s pop culture. One in particular that made the greatest impact on every music lover, even with an unadvertised single ranging supreme on hit charts, is FM Static.

It was my brother who introduced me to their music. He just came home from school and was playing a song a friend of his had just passed to his cell phone. It got me distracted enough from what I was doing and got me sitting beside my brother. Before I could even ask (and knowing him all too well), he had already started telling me about it and who was singing it. So pretty much I got the information I needed without even asking a single question, let alone telling him to stop playing his guitar as he tried to follow through.

I’m not a big fan of rock, let alone a punk rock, but the music, and how they had presented it, was something to take note of and admire. In addition, the term “Christian” associated to this “pop punk band” was something (for me) new making the whole song more interesting. Tonight played over and over again (‘till dinner time) and FM Static became a favorite.

FM static is a Toronto-based Christian pop punk band who is currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records, a Christian Record Label. They started as a side project by Thousand Foot Krutch (One of the Christian rock bands frontman), Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine (drummer). This two-piece (McNevan and Augustine) band also included John Bunner (guitarist during 2003) and the brothers Justin and Jeremy Smith (bass and guitar player respectively) in their original line-up.

The band’s first album What Are You Waiting For was produced by Aaron Sprinkle (who also produced the Thousand Foot Krutch’s album Phenomenon). This led to a tour which lasted from 2003 to 2005. During this time, after playing for a few shows guitarist John Bunner soon retired and was thus replaced by Jeremy after his brother, Justin, asked him to fill-in for them.

Their second album, Critically Ashamed was released on August 1, 2006 with its featured single Waste of Time. However, unlike their first album release, the band refused to take on a tour as the Smith brothers left. It was then that FM Static performed with only two members, as studio musicians filling in for other parts. Even so the success of the second album was undeniable, especially after two of its unadvertised single ruled the internet and the radio station—one of the songs, Tonight, gaining over 7 million hits on YouTube alone as of July of 2009.

This is, perhaps, the dawning of a new age for rock bands and rock fanatics alike, as the association of negative issue, that may no doubt earn one a file in criminal records, finally has been placed behind. It’s good to hear something more emotionally inclined yet without feeling wild and careless. As for me, FM Static is but the first me and my brother had shared.